Episode 5

5: Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version, Dockless Nintendo Switch, and so many games!


May 30th, 2018

39 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

This week we discuss the recent release of Resident Evil 7 cloud version in Japan as well as the "Second Unit" dockless Nintendo Switch. We also discuss new game news including Overwatch on Switch, Killer 7, Mario Tennis Aces Online, and the new Mii Online Editor.

As always, we break down all the new games releasing this week including Street Fighter 30th Anniversary, Ikaruga, Knights of Pen and Paper, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, Yokus Island Express, Die for Valhalla, Legend of Kay Anniversary, Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory, Shift Quantum, NeoGeo Ninja Combat, Defoliation, Dragon Lapis, Icey, Johnny Turbo's Arcade Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja, Just Shapes & Beats, Lost Sea, Masked Forces, Milanoir, Pirate Pop Plus, Quad Fighter, Smoke and Sacrifice, and West of Loathing!

Lastly, we discuss what we've been playing this week including, Little Nightmares a bit more, Battle Chasers, Sushi Struggles, and Atomine!

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