Nintendo Dispatch

Scoring Policy

Scoring Policy

When we review games on Nintendo Dispatch we will always be completely transparent and each review will outline the following:

  • Who reviewed the game
  • If the game was purchased or was a complimentary review copy
  • How much of the game was completed

Reviews describe the overall concept of the game and a deeper dive into our thoughts into the game's core gameplay, graphics, audio, story, and more. A game will receive a single final score from James or Michael, but on special occasions will receive reviews from BOTH James and Michael.

Nintendo Dispatch's review scale is between 0 and 5 with .5 increments:

5 - Perfect

While not "flawless" to us this game is an absolute must own on every single console. The game transforms the genre or is an absolute standout in every way.

4 - Great

It is great! How many times have you heard that... It is a great game and you should probably get it. Yup, it is a great game.

3 - Average

This one sits right in the middle. Not good... not bad... it is a game.

2 - Poor

Just below average and we sort of perhaps regret the purchase, but couldn't really recommend it as an average game. It makes us wonder did we make a mistake?

1 - Bad

Playable, but let's be honest it gives you regrets that you purchased it and you are probably very upset.

0 - Unplayable

This is a complete waste of time and money and no one should purchase this game as you can't really even play it.