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Join Christina, and Michael each week as they breakdown the latest news, game releases, and happenings in the Nintendo universe. No topic or game system is off limits as we discuss at the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo's mobile games, theme parks, merchandise, and whatever else awesome Nintendo is doing. Join us each week for a new episode of awesome. Now you're playing with power!

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  • 31: The Super Nintendo Theme Park, Piranha Plant Amiibo Problems, Pokémon: Let's Go Is a HIT, Super Smash Bros. Leaks, and Dragalia Lost

    Episode  |  November 28th, 2018  |  34 mins 4 secs

    This week we discuss the new Nintendo theme park, Piranha Plant Amiibo shortages, the Pokémon: Let'sGo sales numbers for its first week as well as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks.

  • 30: Warframe Drops, More Pinball, and Reggie Talks Metroid 4, N64 Classic, and DLC

    Episode  |  November 21st, 2018  |  1 hr 3 mins
    3ds, dlc, lawsuite, nintendo, pinball fx, pokemon, reggie, roms, warframe

    Reggie gives us full updates and thoughts on the N64 Classic, Metroid 4's release timeframe, downloadable content, and the state of the 3DS. We also have all the latest releases for the week and updates on Pinball FX3.

  • 29: Pokémon Let's Go Launch, YouTube on Switch, Katamari Damacy Demo, and a Nintendo Holiday Experience

    Episode  |  November 14th, 2018  |  59 mins 55 secs
    3ds, holiday, nintendo, pokemon, sales, smash bros, switch, youtube, zelda

    This week we talk about the Pokémon Let's Golaunch, YouTube, the Nintendo Holiday Experience, Overwatch, and a new Zelda coming to Switch!?

  • 28: Smash Bros. Direct, Pokémon Details, 3DS Marches On, & Moonlighter Release

    Episode  |  November 7th, 2018  |  1 hr 6 mins
    3ds, brawlhalla, civilization, hollow knight, let's go pokemon, moonlighter, nintendo, pokemon, shadow of loot box, smash bros, switch, this is the police ii, ultimate

    It is official everything that could be announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been announced! We break down the full direct, have the latest Pokémon news, Civilization VI online details, the best sellers, and all the new releases.

  • 27: Smash Bros. Ultimate Everywhere, Resident Evil Invades Switch, First Ever Wii Remote, and This is the Police II

    Episode  |  October 31st, 2018  |  55 mins 59 secs
    diablo, fortnite, gamecube, luigi, nintendo, pirates, smash bros, switch, this is the police 2, transistor, wii

    It is time for some serious Smash Bros. Ultimate rumors and news as the upcoming Nintendo Direct lingers. Some serious Wii prototypes hit the market, Switch is selling well, and a bunch of new games are coming!

  • 26: Open World Pokémon, Zombie Mario, Everything Diablo III, & Starlink Hands-On

    Episode  |  October 24th, 2018  |  54 mins 10 secs
    diablo, dragalia, mario, nine parchments, nintendo, one strike, paladins, panic button, pinball fx3, pokemon, starlink, switch, true fear

    Motz received his starter edition of Starlink: Battle for Atlas from Best Buy and has an epic story to just play the game. A plethora of Diablo III news, hardware, and accessories have been announced, Mario gets ready for Halloween, Panic Button wants more, Huawei releases a new phone that they claim is a Switch competitor, and of course we have the new releases for the week.

  • 25: N64 Classic Rumors, Bally/Williams Pinball Tables on Pinball FX, Switch Update, Dragalia Lost Overtakes Animal Crossing

    Episode  |  October 17th, 2018  |  46 mins 22 secs
    boxing, diablo iii, joycons, n64, starlink: battle for atlas

    A new week and a new Nintendo rumor! This time, it's about the N64 Classic! Are we getting one soon?! Also crossplay on Diablo III, missing JoyCons, boxing on Switch, a new update!

  • Contest: Super Mario Party Giveaway

    Article  |  October 10th, 2018
    By James Montemagno
    contest, mario party, switch

    It's time for another contest! We are giving away two copies of Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch! It is easy to enter so get your entry in today!

  • 24: New Hardware Rumors, More NES Games, Splatoween, The Walking Dead Lives On

    Episode  |  October 10th, 2018  |  52 mins 1 sec
    3ds, chasm, disgaea, dragalia lost, hardware, luigi's mansion, nintendo, paladins, pokemon, switch

    Rumors are a buzz of new Nintendo Switch hardware hitting the shelves next year, Splatoon 2's next Splatfest and Halloween event is spectacular, Pokemon Let's Go accessories announced, new Switch Online NES games, and all of the latest releases.

  • 23: PS4 Fortnite Cross-Play, 6 Months of Cloud Saves, Mario Party Controller Support, Minecraft, and Mario Kart Arcade!

    Episode  |  October 3rd, 2018  |  45 mins 51 secs
    mario kart arcade, mario party, minecraft, nintendo, nintendo online, ps4

    This week on the Nintendo Dispatch we talk about PS4 getting cross-play, Nintendo cloud saves and how long our data is stored. We also discuss Mario Party and its lack of handheld mode and all the Minecraft news!

  • 22: Nintendo Online is LIVE, Telltale Games Lay Offs, Smite on Switch, and a Fortnite Switch Bundle!

    Episode  |  September 26th, 2018  |  58 mins 37 secs
    armello, dragalia lost, dragon ball fighterz, fifa 19, nintendo online, this is the police 2, towerfall, valkyria chronicles 4

    Nintendo Online Service is FINALLY live! This week we discuss our thoughts about the service as well as recent news stories revolving around it! We also talk about the Telltale Games layoffs, the rumors of Smite coming to Switch and a brand new Fortnite Switch bundle!

  • 21: Fortnite Is Ruined, Splatoon Invades Animal Crossing, & Amazing Indie Releases

    Episode  |  September 19th, 2018  |  38 mins 52 secs
    animal crossing, banner saga, fortnite, gardens between, light fingers, nintendo, smash bros., splatoon, switch, undertale

    The Nintendo Directs are over and we are back to our regular schedule with the latest news, best sellers, releases, and of course we discuss what we have been playing. This week Fortnite removes video capture, tomtoc has new cases, Smash Bros. goes to college, and there are some fantastic releases.

  • Bonus Round: Nintendo Direct Recap - Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, Switch Online, & More

    Episode  |  September 16th, 2018  |  48 mins 13 secs
    3ds, animal crossing, kirby, luigi's mansion, mario, mario tennis, nintendo direct, smash bros, switch, town, yoshi

    We have the full breakdown of the September 13th Nintendo Direct full of amazing Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch game announcements. In addition, we take a look at some new news that has come up since the direct on the Nintendo Switch Online service.

  • 20: Cloud Saves, Direct Delay Spoilers, Let's Go Switch, and more Fortnite

    Episode  |  September 12th, 2018  |  1 hr 1 min
    3ds, bastion, dust: an elysian tail, fortnite, nba 2k19, nintendo, nintendo direct, spectrum retreat, stay, surgeon simulator cpr, switch

    This week we discuss what we think WOULD have been shown during the Nintendo Direct, the confusing cloud storage issues, the cute Pokemon Lets Go Special Edition Switch, and Fortnite toys!!

  • 19: Nindies Round 2, Live from PAX, Zelda Glitch, Zen Pinball, Smash Bros. Events, and System Updates

    Episode  |  September 5th, 2018  |  39 mins 39 secs
    god wars, into the breach, lifeless planet, nindies direct, pax, smash bros, snk, transistor, zelda

    It is non-stop Nindies as Nintendo unleashed another Nindies Direct. We take a quick look at the latest games as Motz goes hands-on at PAX West. We also have the latest news including new Smash Bros. Bundles and Play Events, Zelda Glitches, new system Updates, Fortnite performance enhancements, and of course the latest game releases for the week.

  • 18: Switch Dominates, Comics, Labo Kart, Godmaster, and Monster Hunter

    Episode  |  August 29th, 2018  |  39 mins 48 secs
    3ds, blizzard, diablo, hollow knight, mario, monster hunter, nintendo, sales, switch, videokid

    This week developers, producers, and consumers are praising the Switch and Nintendo. Nintendo has completely taken over the sales charts in both Japan and the US. Blizzard, and Bethesda love the Switch, more Nindies are on the way, and of course the latest releases.